Matías MR

Current Projects

We Were Kids

Award-winning short film drama.
Celeste, a quick-thinking, yet sometimes naive Latina teenager, discovers the meaning of walking with fear after an all-too common altercation with a middle-aged white man, John. Goofing off with friends, Celeste accidentally falls onto John’s lawn. John becomes irate, verbally and physically abusing the teenagers. When they try to defend themselves, John grabs his gun. What the teenagers discover afterward about John, leaves them further paralyzed by their helplessness.

I Hate You But I Love You**

A self-enhancing rom-dramedy of Chilean born Nicolas, who hates Americans and everything American until he meets his American wife and moves with her to the land-of-the-free. I Hate You But I Love You follows our immigrant Latino as he navigates the clumsiness and boost of culture-clashing and sense of belonging in modern American culture.

**Finalist at Sundance Episodic Lab 2018, in development.