Matías MR


Matias MR

Matías M.R is a Chilean Content Creator/Digital Video Producer based in Los Angeles. He has been working for 10+ years on various types of projects including commercials and digital content. Currently, Matías works as a Film Mentor for the Latino Film Institute Youth Cinema Project (LFIYCP), a nonprofit organization founded by the actor Edward James Olmos, teaching filmmaking in low-income public schools, empowering the up-and-coming and diverse voices of Hollywood.

Matías M.R. is a hands-on leader in both production and direction departments with proven experience producing seamless shots, mitigating and anticipating problems and expertly collaborating with project members including senior executives. He is passionate about film, art, fashion, music and social media–lifestyle videos.

He has consistently managed multiple projects and priorities as both an entrepreneurial producer and in advertising. He thrives in a fast-paced working environment and has often executed entire projects from inception to completion.